Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Love

I have discovered a new love. Something I thought I’d have to live without forever. The Breakfast Sandwich.

See when I was pregnant with Ann (who is my dairy allergy kid) I developed an egg allergy. How weird is that? Eggs, while sold in the dairy section at the store, are not in fact, dairy. It’s a whole different animal. Now my throat won’t close up and I won’t die. My stomach will just do things that make me wish I were dead. So eggs and me? We stay far away from one another.

This problem has seriously affected my fast food breakfast choices. See if I eat a pastry or a donut, well I might as well just go back to bed cuz in a matter of minutes after ingestion; I am looking for a soft place to lie down. I need some protein. It’s a little tricky to get a breakfast sandwich, sans eggs, with protein. So I simply have not been able to imbibe in the last 9 years. Whataburger Breakfast tequito, how I have missed you.

However, things changed for me forever last weekend. While I was in Houston, we stopped at Whataburger for breakfast. I thought I was destined go without breakfast, but hark! What is that on the menu? A Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich you say? Let me try that!

My friends it is a match made in heaven. Protein in the chicken, sugar in the honey all on the wonderful flakey goodness that is the biscuit. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting this breakfast sandwich is healthy. I am not that delusional, but it’s better than a donut, and it won’t make my stomach revolt.

I think I’ll be seeing a lot more of the old Whataburger in the future.


Tonya said...

Funny thing about eggs. After I have a baby, I can't eat eggs. Well, I can have them IN something - cookies, cake, brownies :-), but not scrambled or something like that. If I do, my stomach HURTS. It just started up last week after this birth. My stomach hurts for hours!! Is that what happens to you?

I think another restaurant has a chicken breakfast sandwich. NO brain here - the fast food chicken rest. that uses a cow for advertising. Good night, I cannot think of the name at all! ARGH.

Tricia said...

Yes! That is exactly what happened. Though it started during the pregnancy. I can have a small amount of eggs in baked things, but even then if it's too much my tummy will hurt.

It has gotten bad enough that I"ll vomit if I eat straight eggs and have terrible stomach cramps.

Because I have the allergy queen for daughter, I know that these types of food allergies can turn into the anaphylactic variety, I avoid eggs as much as possible.

And it's Chick Fil A you were thinking of, right? I never thought to check there for breakfast.

heather said...


My son is allergic to soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat and dairy. I started a website to help others who have food allergies.


Tonya said...

But my egg issue goes away eventually - at least it has after the other kids. Wonder why that is!?!?!? It sounds like yours - horrible stomach pains, I almost threw up the other day (a first with eggs). Hmmm, I wonder if it will go away this time.

Tonya said...

Oh, yeah, duh, Chick Fil A. NO brain here.