Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Good morning! I realize it may not actually be morning, right now when you are reading this, but it is morning when I am typing it and it seemed a proper greeting.

I am currently sitting on the bed in the hotel room, surrounded by junk food and nice clean white linens and NO ONE else. I am alone in the hotel room. ALONE.

Now, perhaps I am sounding too happy about this. I do love my people dearly. I do actually choose to stay home with them and teach them at home and be with them always, because I love them. But sometimes my brain needs a break from all the stimuli. There is precious little stimuli in this hotel room.

There is no talking. There is no tv on or radio playing anywhere. There are no ridiculously large teenage boys bumping onto everything and shaking the place when the walk. There are no bouncing little girls. There is no dinner to cook, no laundry to wash, no dishes to do, no floor to clean; I could go on but I think you get the point.

My friend had to get up and go to a seminar at the hotel, poor dear, so she'll be out most of the day. I could have slept in after she left, but strangely enough I didn't want to waste my alone time. So I'm up drinking coffee and writing. In my PJ's.

This is my uniform for the weekend. There might be a slight variation in the color of the PJ's if I should happen to spill something on these. I did come prepared with extras just in case. Once a girl scout always a girl scout.

Funny thing though. Even though I brought all that stuff, I only brought one change of clothes. That is mostly stuff to do and eat while I am alone here in the hotel room. There are more books in there than clothes.

My inner teenager is horrified, but the Mom in me, the one who wants to lay abed all weekend and read and write won out.

Enjoy your Saturday, I know I will!


Halfmoon Girl said...

ha, love it! I think it is great that you came so prepared to hang out in your hotel room! Have a blast- love the pj pic!

Renae said...

Have a peaceful time! I must say a day by myself in a hotel sounds awesome. I could call it a teacher conference. ;)