Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Post in Which Tricia Gets A Little Snarky.

It has been several weeks since I have been to church. First I was out of town with my friend in a hotel room for a little mini break. The next week we had a guest who was leaving on Sunday morning and we didn’t feel like we could just say, ‘bye, we’re going to church’. So we saw him out, then had home church since it was too late to make it to our own. The next week I drove to Houston to take my SIL to her mangled-in-a-motorcycle-accident hubby.

This week my family and I were planning on attending, lest those at our church forget what we look like. But when I looked up what Ann’s class was doing today, my hopes deflated. They are having a Purim feast. Lots of food.

This is VERY common in my church. I have whined about it a lot here on the blog. It seems my church cannot teach about The Jesus without snacks.

The last two weeks we were actually at church (back in Sept) Ann had to come into our adult Sunday School class because there was food being passed out in her class. I’m not sure what 15 4th graders eating Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars has to do with Jesus, but what do I know?

Really this post has no point other than to whine. We could have gone to Church I suppose. I could have stayed with Ann in her class and we could have observed from a spot in the back of the room. I grow weary of standing in a spot in the back of the room observing. So the boys took themselves to church and the girls and I are at home.

I just never thought I’d see my family so split on Sundays. Before Ann we always went to church together. We rarely missed a week. Now we miss a lot, and it seems when we are there, either I or Sir D have to stay in Ann’s class or she has to come into ours, and really, what’s the point? I know technically we could work around it, keep her with us; whatever. I just get tired of jumping through hoops at a church that really does not seem to care one way or another if it is a safe place for Ann to be. She’s only one kid, there are many others that are getting their needs met. They’re not going to change anything for the one. I have come to grips with this attitude from my church, but I don’t like it and it makes it hard for me to put forth the effort to get there with regularity, only to stand in the back of the room with Ann.

Okay, enough whining. Sorry. I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday services. I did enjoy my little Home Church today. We learned about The Jesus and there was no dairy involved.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Have you tried being in charge of snacks and bringing acceptable food? This can be frustrating, I know. Praying for a solution so that all can enjoy church.

Tricia said...

We've offered that but they do a rotation model at our church which means that the kids have one 'Shepherd' that stays with them all year and the kids rotate from room to room every week, 6 rooms in all. The 'Shepherd' does not teach, the teachers are only on for 6 weeks.

SO on week 1 they teach the 1st graders in their room, week 2 the second graders in the same room and on through the 6th graders. Then the 6 weeks is up and they move on to 6 new topics and 6 new teachers.

The Shepherds never now what is going to go on in the classrooms.

I have tried asking for the lesson plan in advance and sometimes that works, but rarely do they get me the 6 week lesson plan on time and it does not really tell me about snacks.

I've tried asking if I can get a list of the 6 teachers so I can call them, I've tried asking if we can bring the snacks but the snacks are specific to whatever they are studying, an object lesson.

The reality is, unless I join the committee I'll get nowhere. And I am not that brave. They are all quite antagonistic towards me. I had one advocate on the committee for the last two school years who would give me a heads up every 6 weeks in an email telling me what rooms would have food. No one else seems wiling to do this for me. I even tried to go out for dessert with one of the committee members to try to work out a solution and she stood me up.

I've been to the children's pastor and he says all the right things but nothing changes. We've written a letter to the Sr. Pastor and gotten no response.

We are only still at this Church because we LOVE the youth group and Youth Pastor.

I am counting the days until Ann is in the youth group.

It's insane that it is so complicated. It should not be so complicated. She attends AWANA with no problem. I know the director, she gives me a call in advance if there is going to be food I send something for Ann, done.

Why can't it be so simple for SS?

SIGH* sorry for the epic.

Tonya said...

I'm so sorry for this frustration. I know it's been going on for sooo long. Plus, on the end of such a stressful week, you probably wanted and needed to go!