Sunday, October 12, 2008

Offsides! Or something.

We worshiped at Soccer Field Church again this Sunday. I learned my lesson last time and didn't drink too much coffee beforehand so I did not have to visit the scary port-a-potties there.

Here is a photo of my kiddo getting ready to head the ball. See the ball waaaaay up there? How does that not hurt when you head a ball from that high I ask? Amazing he does not come home shorter after a soccer game.

See me? I am so confused. What the heck are they doing out there? Which goal is ours? What in the world do those hand signals that he ref keeps making mean?

I'm a slow learner.

"Holding! Illegal use of the hands, 10 yard penalty, first down." coming from the ref in a football game. That I understand.

This soccer stuff is foreign to me.

And if you're wondering how the game went. This is one of Will's teammates. He did this a lot during the game. It did not end well.

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