Monday, January 21, 2008


My allergies are so bad right now! I can’t wander more than three feet away from my tissue source at any time or there could be dire and gross consequences.

My allergies have been doing so much better of late that it makes this latest sneeze fest so much harder to tolerate.

I am not the only one. Sarah is having the same problems. (While I don’t know Sarah IRL, I do know that we live in the same large city)

I started to devise a plan this morning to solve my allergy misery. I’m going to host a BYOA party!

Here’s what we’ll do; everyone show up at my house at the appointed time and we’ll take our axes and start cutting down mountain cedar trees!

We’ll start in my neighborhood and fan out from there until we get all the mountain cedar trees within a 100 mile radius cut down. Or get arrested, whichever happens first.

So, who will come to my Bring Your Own Ax party? (You might want to bring your own bail money too, just in case.)

1 comment:

Dana said...

Oh my...tempting though it is, I might have to opt for tissues. : )