Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Reentry is often painful.

My friend S who was with me this weekend came home to two sick kids, vomit and all.

I came home to yet another failed algebra test and a son who is falling behind once again in his algebra. I think his tutor is considering cutting him loose. So, we had another come to Jesus meeting with him last night. We do this periodically and then he changes and gets his rear in gear, but then he gets lazy again and we start the cycle all over again. Sigh, I have always hated algebra. I hated taking it, I hate that my kids have to take it. I hate disciplining over algebra. I hate, hate, hate algebra!

We gave him several options as to how to rectify the situation; we showed him the plan for his ultimate graduation which will include several duel credit hours at the local community college if he can stay on track. We discussed a different tutor; we talked about stopping algebra right now and switching to geometry (he’s doing algebra 1 & algebra 2 in succession). We talked about switching to Teaching Textbooks and having him do it on his own, and we talked about public school.

We basically laid out the plan for him (something I must admit we’d neglected to do before now) and then showed him how he must get through algebra for this all to work. Then we laid out his options and told him to chose.

He choose to stay with his tutor and reapply himself.

We then went over the punishment for the failed test and unfinished homework and the plan for him to be able to earn them back.

It was reentry at it’s most painful.

Perhaps today will be better.

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Julie said...

Hi, I am a home school mom of 16 years. I found your blog from Boo Mama's soup post.

My daughter struggled through Algebra I. We got her the workbook "Algebra Survival Guide" She finally learned it. Now she is working her way through Algebra II.

Here's a link to the book:

It really helped my daughter.

Blessings, Julie