Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Of God and Bangs.

Today while we were praying together before school, A made a special request of God.

After she prayed for her cousins who attending school to have a good day and be a light for God out there, she added, “And God, if you have time, could you please help my bangs grow out faster so I can have a pretty hairstyle?”

Such spiritual depth and then…not so much.

Gotta love the faith of an 8 year old.


Lalena said...

I love to listen to little ones prayer. Its true and full of hope. Real worship!

Happy Mommy said...

I do see great depth, your daughter is asking and talking with God about little things, things that matter to her. She is making God her friend, if we adult Christians remembered to talk to God about all things great or small we would be far less in some of the messes we get our selves in....
I am teaching our children that God and Jesus are the best friends you will ever have talk to them about everything.
So good job to you for teaching your daughter to talk to God about anything, some parents never share this with their children and they miss out on the relationship that God desires.

Tricia said...

Lalena and Happy Mommy, I couldn't agree more!

I love to hear my kids pray!