Monday, January 28, 2008

A Weekend Away!

D and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. We went with our friends C and S. C and D are great friends and have been since high school. They love to ride their dirt bikes together. So we all packed up in C’s giant diesel king cab truck and headed to some great riding place in Oklahoma.

You should have seen us. The theme song from the Beverly Hillbillies was running through my head when we pulled out of the driveway! We had two dirt bikes, enough bags for 4 people for a weekend, not to mention the gear bags for the guys. (Huge bags holding riding boots, chest protectors, helmets and various and sundry motorcycle gear) But the thing was, it was raining, so everything was put in trash bags or under tarps. We looked very sophisticated, let me tell you.

We stopped on the way at a Wal-Mart in OK to buy groceries for the weekend so we added about 534 Wal-Mart bags to the other stuff in the back of the truck. I can only imagine what the owners of the place we were staying must have thought when we pulled up. We were quite a site.

We rented this one little cabin for the weekend, but we thought it’d be okay because it had two rooms, we’d have our privacy. Well…there were no doors on the bedrooms.

We did not think to ask if there were doors. We improvised…

While the cabin was nothing to write home about, the view was nice. It was a bit of a wintery view. I’m sure it would be beautiful in the spring or the fall.

Here is a view of the Cabin we were in. I was standing by the creek when I took this shot.

So while D and C went off riding their dirt bikes on Sat, S and I sat around and ate, and crocheted, and ate, and watch chick flicks. It was great fun. We also ate.

When the guys got home we watched a few guy movies. OH. MY. GOODNESS. We watched The Shooter and 3:10 to Yuma. Normally, neither of us watches R movies, but somehow we ended up with these. The Shooter was a good movie. I liked it. Other than a bit of language and seeing several people get shot (I can cover my eyes with the best of them) it was a pretty good movie. But 3:10 to Yuma? AWFUL! I could do an entire post on why that movie was so awful. But I won’t. Just trust me, don’t waste your money. While Russell Crow may be pretty to look at, this movie was still painful to watch.

We left the girls to spend the weekend with their cousins. We were not missed. In fact I think they were sad when we came to get them.

We left the boys home alone…sort of. They had stuff to do on Sat so they mainly stayed at home and B took them where they needed to go. But they had to report for bed at D’s other brother’s house by 9pm. So while they were home alone during the day, they were not alone at night. They also did not seem too happy to see us return. I left them enough junk food to keep them happy and I think they liked being on their own. So long as we left money and food, I don’t think we’d be missed.

So it sounds like a good time was had by all; the boys loved their parent free weekend, the girls loved spending the weekend with their cousins and D and I had a blast. I think the only ones who were really glad to see us come back were D’s brother & SIL who were watching our girls. 4 little girls from 8 to 10 can make A LOT of noise.


Tonya said...

If I told you stories of my parents leaving for the weekend and leaving us home alone, you would NEVER do that again. I remember my freshman year of high school they left C in charge for the weekend. Do you think he paid attention to us? No, he was paying attention to S! Do you think we behaved. NO. I was still friends with Joy K at the time. Remember her? Yikes.

Glad you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for awhile now but haven't commented. Just wanted to say we watched 3:16 to Yuma recently and I thought it was awful too. Soo violent, for one thing!