Thursday, January 31, 2008

The only thing better than chocolate and the potato is a chocolate covered potato.

I think I have mentioned a time or two or ten that I have Fibromyalgia. I hate Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is from the Devil; and while I say that in jest, I am somewhat serious as I am sure before the fall Eve knew nothing of the aching body that plagues me on occasion. Because, you know, no sin and whatnot.

I try new things from time to time to deal with it, some of them make some since, and some of them sound like snake oil, but hay, who am I to argue? Even if it doesn’t help, a little snake oil never hurt anyone, right?

So, last night I was doing a little more internet research on the disease that is Fibromyalgia; a syndrome that the powers that be have finally named and given some credence, even though it has been a thorn in the flesh of many, for a long, long time. Turns out the DR.’s think perhaps we are not all sick in the head, we may actually be sick in the body, or in my case…a bit of both. Hehehe.

So I started reading about toxins. Toxins that we put in our body. Bad. We should not put those nasty toxins in our body. One person likened our bodies to race cars. We need race fuel! Not this low octane garbage we are currently pumping into ourselves. Yeah! Race Fuel! I need Race Fuel!

I need to start avoiding toxins like, pesticides. Yeah! Those are bad.

And hormones…

And weird antibiotics that they give to cows…

Hummm, now this is sounding expensive. Do I have to buy free range, hormone/antibiotic free cows, and grow my own pesticide free veggies. Cause my veggie growing skills leave a little something to be desired, like skill.

I should instead eat things like wheatgrass and take many, many, many vitamins like Co Q 10, and ATP and Malic Acid (wait I think ATP is Malic Acid), and periodically get my colon cleaned out.

And I should avoid bad fuel, like potatoes, and sugar, and aspartame, and caffeine, and chocolate. Hummm, that does it. They had me until the ‘avoid chocolate’ part. And the potato. I love the potato. How can all that white innocence wrapped in that cute little round, brown package be bad for me?

Nope, can’t do it. I can take the vitamins; I can probably do the wheatgrass, though I’m not sure exactly what I am supposed to do with it. I could deal with no aspartame (Diet Coke, I would miss you dearly) And I might even, under the most dire and desperate of circumstances give up caffeine and get my colon cleaned out (I don’t even want to know what that entails; pun intended). But I can not possibly give up my chocolate and my potato.

Hummm, race fuel is for cars! I don’t need no stinking race fuel!


Jenny in Ca said...

wow, I am so sorry you are dealing with this...I hope you find a way to cope if not cure this.

the chocolate part would be a deal-breaker for me!....I have had to cut way back on diet coke because of severe anemia, and it was/is hard...I love my diet coke in the morning!! Some days are better than others!

wishing you grace, peace and health,

Tricia said...

Ahh, thank you Jenny!

I am trying really hard to cut back on the diet coke. I don't buy it at the store anymore. I only let my self imbibe when I am out at a restaurant. (or occasionally at the grocery store, those vending machine things are so tempting!)

Once I get the aspartame addiction under control, perhaps I can consider cutting back the caffeine.

But chocolate is here to stay! :o)