Friday, January 18, 2008

Dude, I so have to have this!

Sorry, my inner teen is coming out.

I’m telling you though; I would be the envy of my kids with this thing. I currently have a, well, let’s just say a not so nice and sleek MP3 payer. It is an old one but it still works so I keep it even though it is a dinosaur. (And how sad is it that dinosaurs had many, many hundreds of years to become dinosaurs and technology becomes a dinosaur in a few short years. How very sad for poor little technology)

So go check out this cool MP3 at Best Buy, and then go sign up to win it at 5 Minutes for Mom, or not. If you don’t sign up it is better for me. So actually, don’t go there and sign up. Yeah, forget I said anything at all.

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