Sunday, January 6, 2008

If You Give A Mouse A Paintbrush...

It took a wee bit longer than I anticipated to paint, we started out well enough, you know, taking off light switch plates and prepping the living room.

Here are the results. I know, I know; you’re thinking it looks exactly the same! Really it doesn’t, if you look at the white blinds and the ceiling, which are a true white, you can see the obvious color change. The walls in the living room are a more creamy white now. We chose this not quite the same color white because color apparently frightnes me.

Now, have you ever read the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? Yeah, that is kinda the way the weekend worked out. We painted the living room, but then the dust, Oh My Goodness Gracious! So I had to dust everything we own because everyone knows you can’t place dirty, dusty things back in freshly painted room. And do you know that you can’t really dust a candle in a glass jar? Instead you have to scrub it with a serious scrubbing brush to get all that black sootie stuff off, because you can’t have a sootie candle in a freshly painted room either.

Also, you can’t really enjoy a freshly painted living room when it is attached to a dirty, dingy dining room. So you must paint the dirty, dingy dining room. Then the dust, Oh My Goodness Gracious! So I had to dust all the tea cups and tea pots and photo frames on my decorative shelf. After we put all the shelves back on the walls in the dining room, and all the nicely dusted things back on the shelves on the wall in the dining room, we stood back to enjoy it.

But then we noticed that the kitchen, which is attached to the dining room, which is attached to the living room, was in dire need of a touch up; as it was the first room we painted several months ago and there were spots, and wear, and yuck! So we got out the kitchen paint and touched up/repainted the entire kitchen.(The shelf next to the window holds my teacups, which are still in the dishwasher)

So, 48 hours, and several paint cans later. This mouse has her cookie, (and an intense amount of pain) to start off the new semester! Whoo! Hoo! Bring on the schoolwork! But first, my bed and my heating pad please.

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Sleep-Deprived said...

I'm laughing at your "give a mouse a cookie" analogy. That was the way I explained to everyone how we ended up totally gutting our boys bathroom and re-doing it from the ground up.

As for color - I used to have colorphobia until I painted my living room "foliage-green"...and that was the beginning of bold colors and accent walls throughout the house :)

Bet it feels great to have fresh paint on the walls!!!!