Friday, January 18, 2008

Crazy Mom

I have two phones on my plan; one for me and one for the boys. D has his own plan because he uses 3,467, 271 minutes a month and he won’t share with us.

Now, notice, I didn’t say I have a phone and the boys have a phone. No, that is not how it works. They are both MY phones and I magnanimously let the boys use one.

The other day I called my other phone that was in my boy’s possession, here is what I heard.

Ring, ring, ring.

G ~ “Hi”

Me ~ “Hi, G, I need you to” …insert whatever I needed him to do… “can you do that?”

G~ “uh huh”

Then beeeeep. The answering machine. That is the greeting on his voicemail!

“Hi” Long pause, “uh huh”.

UGH! I can’t tell you how many times he has gotten me with that! It has been like that for weeks. Every time I hear it, I tell him to change that rude voicemail greeting on MY other phone, or I’ll do it myself and it won’t be so funny!

So finally after he keeps “forgetting” to change it, I did it.

Here is what it says now.

“Hi, this is B and G’s crazy mom. Since they cannot be responsible enough to leave an appropriate message on their voicemail, I will do it for them.”

“If you need to leave them a message, please do so after the beep.”

“Thank you, and have a nice day”

This has to stay on there for one month.

I thought this would teach them a lesson about appropriate phone etiquette. Do you think it has? NO. They think it is hilarious! They are telling their friends to call the phone so they can listen to the message their Crazy Mom left as their voicemail greeting.

I guess if I can’t be thought of as Worlds Best Mom, Crazy Mom is the next best thing.


~just me~ said...

hah! too funny. :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

oh, that is too funny! I am always suckered in my those kind of phone messages too.

Jenny in Ca said...

that is really funny, and sweet in a mom sort of way! My husband left the message on my voice mail, it says..." I don't know why she isn't picking up either, leave a message." !!
I need to change it, but I don't really know how to use my phone, hence the message he recorded...

Grandmother Goddess of the Garden said...

You've been tagged! See my post.