Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm not here today.

I'm over at The Well Drained Mind. Here is an excerpt.

...I found myself walking behind them for quite some time as we both had been equally unlucky in our options for parking spaces, and found ourselves parked in the back forty. As I followed them I started to listen to their conversation. It was hard to miss. They were saying such hurtful and awful things to each other. They were raising their voices in anger and literally raining curses down on each other’s heads. The venom with which they were speaking to each other was evident in their tone and volume. I can’t imagine ever saying such things to anyone, much less the person I have promised to love and cherish for all my life.

As I began loading the Mount Wal-Mart that was my cart into the van, I continued to listen and watch this poor young couple...

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Halfmoon Girl said...

That made my heart hurt. Interesting perspective that those hurting children might one day be married to or somehow involved with our own children. Good point.