Wednesday, January 9, 2008

From One 'Mean Mom' to Another

'Meanest Mom on Planet' Sells Teen Son's Car After Finding Booze Under Seat

Right now this teen boy thinks his mom is 'The Meanest Mom on the Planet' but I think one day he will appreciate that she cared enough to be perceived as the 'The Meanest Mom on the Planet'.

I say a hearty WELL DONE!



Anonymous said...

I have two kids - 18 and 14. In my state what she's doing is illegal, and a 19 year old is considered an adult, unless she's the registered owner. I share her concerns about booze, but I think she's gone over the top considering his age.

igrat777 said...

I don't think she could have sold it if it were not registered to her. And although 19 may legally be an adult, turning 19 doesn't automatically make someone mature and responsible - this KID probably still lives at home. I say kudos to this mom for loving her son enough to go "over the top". And kudos to her for taking such strict action.... she may have saved your kids and my kids from being hit by this 19 year old possibly-drunk driver one day. Because we all know that if this boy would have been driving drunk and killed someone, everyone would have been hollering about his upbringing - "where were his parents" "he should have been raised better", etc. Good for you Mean Mom... now THAT is what's called loving your son.

Tricia said...

I do think Anonymous has a good point. When I read the article I misread it and thought he was 17.

However, I am still inclined to believe his Mom did the right thing and I also think igrat777 is right. She could not have sold it if it was registered to her son and not her.

Which means driving the car that is 'his' bur registered to her is a privilege not a right.

One way or another, this boy will remember this forever and most likely think twice before drinking and driving.

Carol S from FIAR said...

19 may be an adult, but it's not legal drinking age. I'm with her. Abdicate the responsibility, lose the privilege. He is apparently not yet an adult paying his own way, so there you go. There are adults, then there are grown ups. Time to grow up.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Applause for Mean Mom! Sounds like the guidelines were clear from the beginning- he broke those and suffered the consequences. I fhe was a ADULT he would have his own car registered to himself and would not have alcohol in it!