Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There are no holes to crawl into in our Church gymnasium.

We were at a potluck luncheon this Sunday put on by the youth group. The purpose was for the youth pastor to talk to ALL the parents at once about all the things going on this year for the youth.

I love our youth pastor; he is a MAN with a wife and 4 children of his own. One of them is in college. He knows how hard it can be to raise teens. He has the wisdom of an adult, but he has the fun loving heart of a youth. I really appreciate him immensely.

Here I am sitting in the gym surrounded by my nicely cleaned up family all still dressed in their Sunday finest. I even got one of my teens to wear his Sunday shoes. I was feeling pretty proud of my nice looking, good mannered, and all around spiffy family (are the words pride goeth before a fall running through your head?)

The pastor begins speaking about the youth camps that are coming up this summer. He starts to explain why it has gone up $40. His reasons make a lot of since, food, gas, everything has gone up. It is not wholly unexpected. I know the church tries hard to keep it as low as possible. He says he feels he needs to explain it as he has already been asked why it has gone up. (the flyers went out just that day)

So he looks into the crowd. Speaks loud and clearly right in to the microphone, and says…”So G, that is why it is going up this year.” Insert big laugh from the croud.

This is when I noticed the significant lack of holes in the gym floor to crawl into.

And just in case you were wondering he did not of course say “G” he said “G_ _ _ _ _” His whole name, while he was looking directly at him and laughing.

D, was quite proud. Our kids are aware of $ and how it does not grow on trees; a good lesson to grasp.

Of course the reason G is so hyper aware of camp is that he is required to pay for half if he wants to go. $20 is one more mowing job he has to do in order to go to camp.

The thing that baffles me is that he can remember exactly how much camp cost last year, but he can’t remember our trash days are Tuesday and Friday. Hummm?

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Halfmoon Girl said...

Yes, well, selective memory, I guess. We have that occur here too. Our 8 year old is right on top of his finances. I love D's helmet!