Monday, January 7, 2008

A Little Twilight Zone-ish

So our first day back this semester went better than I thought.

B, the little buzzard, did indeed tumble and fell just short of getting all the algebra done on time. He had 3 problems left. (and I did give him 5 extra minutes because I’m week). He does have to pay the $40 tutor fee. He was decidedly unhappy, but he did not get in any further trouble by letting his unhappiness vomit out on me or his siblings as occasionally happens when you are a teen (or, you know, alive).

A got most of her work done and then caught her ride to Scottish Rite for her dyslexia remediation class. And T is back living with her parents and had her first day at Public School.

So once A left, I looked around. B & G were both on their beds reading from their Sonlight readers, and E was sitting at the table in her room finishing up her math.

It was eerily quite.

We do our together stuff first thing, so A can get in on it but since she left I have spent much of the time helping a child out here and there, and just wandering around my house aimlessly. Is it possible I might actually not be needed every minute of the day this semester?

I managed to get the menu for the week figured out, the grocery list written, the snack sign up list for my bible study and Sunday school caught up, (This is my contribution, snack organization, it is a vital part of any Christian gathering!) two loads of laundry washed, folded , AND put away.

Wow! This might just be a banner year for me. Maybe my house won’t look like a stuff bomb went off a mere two weeks after we started school back up!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, good for you- you got lots done today! What are some of your meals that you have planned. I just met with my freezer cooking group this afternoon and we wrote up our menu too.

Happy Mommy said...

We started back up last week and today was more than peaceful! My son is in first grade and so I have to be involved every minute which is very hard with a 4 and 2 year old wanting my attention as well. When does it start to get easier????